Bead Challenge 2024



The BSV Bead Challenge is an annual competition where all entrants start with an identical basic set of beads.

All of these beads (and components if supplied) must be used to create a single beaded piece, but more beads or components may be added if required. Purchase your beads and get started. Please read all the information on this page before purchasing.

Shell Pearl 12MM Silver Grey 1 Bead
Shell Pearl 12MM Cream 1 Bead
Shell Pearl 8MM mixed 5 Beads

These were purchased from Melbourne Pearls. Information on how you can get further supplies from Melbourne Pearls is included with your bead challenge pack.


In 2024 we are bringing back the first time entrants awards. If you have never entered the bead challenge before you will automatically be entered in to this category.

First Prize: $300
Second Prize: $150
Third Prize: $75
First prize only: $150
First prize $150

The finished piece is displayed flat or free standing on a 30cm x 30cm square tile and must fit within the tile.

Visitors to the Bead Expo will have a chance to view all entries on display and vote for their favourite piece.
Entrants may add their own choice of extra beads or findings to the basic pack for a chance to win fabulous monetary prizes.

Open to everyone, not just members.

All Prize winners will be awarded an Award Certificate

Results will be announced at the Bead Expo on the Sunday afternoon (3PM – 24th November 2024)

Winners will be notified by email or phone (if number is provided) within three days of the Bead Expo ending.

Results will also be announced on the BSV website and Facebook page as soon as possible.

Please read all the information and guidelines below before purchasing. Select the type of membership, then add to cart.

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Conditions of Entry – Design Rules & Fees

Entry Fees

$25.00 Members

$40.00 Non Members

$47.00 Members International

$62.00 Non Members International

Note on Entry Fees – Kits may be picked up at monthly meetings/retreat or posted to your address (postage included)

Limit of 2 entries per person  Note: If 2 entries are purchased, each entry must include the kit beads.

Design Rules

  1. Your Challenge entry must be a single beaded item of your own original design and solely your own work.
  2. All Challenge beads must be used and visible from the front of the design.
  3. You can add any and as many beads or other components of your own as you wish.
  4. Challenge beads or components must not be altered eg: painting.
  5. Entries that have any glued beads will not be accepted.

Submitting Your Entry

  1. Your name must NOT appear on your Challenge entry piece BUT it must be on all packaging (Packaging must include name and order number from purchasing the challenge pack).
  2. Tag your entry and write the order number ONLY on tag. (Not your name)
  3. If the right side is not obvious, a clear photo must accompany your finished entry.
  4. All entries will be displayed Flat or Free standing on one (30 X 30 cm) board and must fit within this space. Ropes and chains etc, will be draped to fit if necessary.
  5. Do not send display material (eg: bust) with your entry.
  6. If you attend the expo, you will not be permitted to touch your entry whilst on display. This is a strict rule and will result in your piece being withdrawn from display if this rule is broken.
  7. The design copyright remains with the maker, but licence is granted for the entry to be displayed and photographed by the BSV. The BSV retains copyright of the photos and may use them for its own purposes in perpetuity.
  8. Posting of entry images on public/social media prior to the competition is not permitted and breaching this may cause disqualification.
  9. Entries must be packaged in boxes. Loose items or items in plastic bags will not be accepted. (Please use Bubble wrap or similar material to stop the piece moving)
  10. Challenge Kits pack are not refundable.
  11. If entry is a 1st Time Entry – Please indicate it on the tag

Postage and Handling

  1. All reasonable care will be taken with your entry. No liability will be accepted for loss or damage in the custody of, or for insurance or transport to and from the BSV.
  2. If your entry is damaged in any way when received by the BSV then it will be disqualified. No entries will be sent back for repairs so please take extra time with finishing your work. Package your entries well to withstand the post.
  3. We will inform you by email when your completed entry is received.
  4. A) Entries can be collected at the Bead Expo after all the judging and presentation has been completed.
  5. B) Entries can also be collected from the December BSV meeting. (8 Dec 2024)
  6. C) If you cannot collect your entry, please enclose a return Prepaid Parcel post addressed express post bag with the entry, the BSV will return it to you in the original packaging via the Prepaid Parcel Post express post envelope you provided.
  7. Finished pieces must be posted in time to arrive at the BSV Post Office box (Beads Society of Victoria PO Box 5312 Pinewood Vic 3149) by 11th October 2024 or be handed in at the Carnegie meeting on 13th October 2024
  8. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Judging Criteria:

  • Overall effect – Wow factor, originality, use of colour
  • Design & Function – Attention to scale, Sits well when worn, Comfortable to wear
  • Kit components – innovative use, well incorporated, beads appropriate
  • Technique & Execution – thread path, neatness/evenness, degree of difficulty, attention to detail
  • Finishing – durability, feel/tension, balance
  • Jewellery Piece – Sits well when worn, Comfortable to wear
  • Non- Jewellery – Fit for purpose, Unified Composition


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