Bead Society of Victoria

A society dedicated to sharing the love of beading through learning, friendship and creativity.


Winter Workshops 2024

Now available for viewing. Open for booking Saturday 4th May 7pm Melbourne time for members only.

Start planning now.


The Bead Society of Victoria is a place to learn beading, make new friendships and develop your creativity.

We run workshops by local tutors at the monthly meetings, at the Bead Expo and during our Summer Retreat.

Besides bead weaving, we also offer stringing, bead embroidery, soutache and wirework workshops. Recently, we have also run workshops in dyeing your own shibori silk, making shrinkets and polymer clay.

Members come together each month to bead and chat and, most importantly, help each other to develop their skills and exchange creative ideas.


Congratulations to our worthy winners in the 2023 Showcase at the Melbourne Bead Expo. To see all this year’s winners click here.

Some of our past workshops at the Bead Society


There are a range of benefits in being a member of the Bead Society of Victoria.