Tutor: Meg Thompson

Donut forget to put on your earrings! And how could you with these sweet donut-shaped bead embroidered ones? A handful of beads is all it takes! Learn how to work with negative space in bead embroidery and focus on neatly finishing edges, both inside and outside the donut shape. A dangling drop completes the design for a visually pleasing adornment for your ears.

Design options will be discussed in class to demonstrate how a single component can be used in many ways to create new designs, should students wish to expand on this design themselves.


$25. (several colourway options will be provided). Kits include all beads, foundation, backing and findings to complete one pair of earrings.


Amount required (for one pair)
11o seed beads 2g
15o seed beads 2g
4mm pearls 24
5x16mm daggers 2
Earring hooks 2
Beading foundation (eg stiffened felt, lacy’s stiff stuff)
Backing fabric

Students also require the following;-

.Beading needle (preferred size)
•Beading thread of choice
•E6000 glue
•Sharp pointy pair of scissors
•Thread burner (optional)
•Pen for marking foundation/backing
•Beading mat/surface
•Lighting as desired


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