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International Tutors

The Bead Society of Victoria has been active in inviting international tutors to the shores of Australia, bringing new techniques and a world class teaching program for members and visitors.

A snapshot of some of the tutors we've had visit us is below. 

2018 - Liisa Turunen

With a passion for beaded components, Liisa Turunen visited us in 2018, with a bevy of sparkly projects and kits for us to drool over, and introduced us to ‘Australian Mist’, an exclusive project named after an Australian breed of cat.

Liisa's 'Australian Mist', taught in 2018

2012 - Melanie Potter

Melanie Potter travelled to Australia, and visited Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart, teaching a range of workshops featuring beautiful, delicate and well thought out designs. Her focus on chevron stitch gave many members homework to do before her arrival, and we enjoyed learning new techniques from this accomplished tutor.

Melanie's 'Queen Ester's Jewels' taught in 2012

2016 - Nancy Cain

Nancy Cain was awarded the 2018 Excellence in Jewellery Artistry Award, and is well renowned as a world class instructor and designer. Her visit to Australia saw her launch an exclusive project for us – the Couture Cuff.

Nancy's 'Couture Cuff' taught in 2016

2010 - Marcia DeCoster

Although Marcia DeCoster is now retired from the full time teaching circuit, she still takes time to create new projects and concepts, especially using interchangeable components and with a focus on Right Angle Weave. Her classic book ‘Beaded Opulence’ is a staple in many beaders library, and our members enjoyed learning many projects with her.

Marcia's classic book 'Beaded Opulence'

2014 - Cynthia Rutledge

A return visit by Cynthia Rutledge was welcomed by our members and visitors alike. Cynthia is a world renowned master class teacher, and her book ‘Timeless Beadwork Designs’ is reflective her skill as a tutor and designer. Cynthia has since been awarded the 2016 Excellence in Jewellery Artistry Award. 

Cynthia's book 'Timeless Beadwork Designs'

2009 - Laura McCabe

Laura McCabe’s unique style saw an explosion of creativity when she visited Melbourne in 2009. For many, seeing her creativity and expression using artefacts, glass eyeballs and vintage elements was a fantastic learning experience.

Laura's Etruscan Jewels, taught in 2009

2013 - Helena Tang-Lim

Singaporean international teacher, Helena Tang-Lim, is known as the ‘Manek-Manek’ lady (named after ancient Asian beaded shoes). Her unique and complex designs are universally attractive, and she teaches constantly all over the world. Helena’s kits and patterns are well illustrated and her time in Melbourne was enjoyed by many members, with a large range of workshops during her visit.

Helena's 'Viking' necklace, taught in 2013

2008 - Cynthia Rutledge

In 2008, Cynthia had her first visit with the Bead Society. Students welcomed her knowledge, design skills and expertise, and learnt more about the application of historical jewellery in modern day design.

Cynthia’s beautiful design aesthetic, along with excellent instructions and teaching styles was a highlight of her visits with us.

Cynthia's 'Token of Love' bracelet, taught in 2014

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