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What's happening at the Bead Society?

Check back regularly to see what's going on at the bead society
All BSV monthly meetings start at 10am. After socialising for a while, we have a short update on what's happening then usually start the business of the day around 11am.
Monthly meetings are held at
  • Carnegie Library and Community Centre, 7 Shepparson Avenue, Carnegie, VIC (Melway Map 68 J4). It's a short walk from Carnegie Station. Meetings are on the 2nd Sunday of every month except January.

  • Geelong West Senior Citizens Club, Autumn Street, Geelong West, VIC (Melway Map 451 J2). Meetings are on the 1st Sunday of the month except January.
  • Holden Hill Community Centre, 82 Valiant Road Holden Hill, Adelaide, SA. Meetings are on the 1st Sunday of the month except January.

No meetings in January.

At Carnegie we are in the Boyd room, which is on the first floor (lift available). There is good access to public transport and ample parking.

The workshops at Carnegie all cost $20 and must be booked in advance. Photos of the projects are available in Connect. There are always lots of other beaders working on their own projects and there to lend a hand. Workshops are not mandatory.

The workshops at Geelong are more informal, members please see Connect for contacting Roely for more details.

Adelaide branch launched on July 1st 2012, all are welcome to see what's happening in our first branch outside Victoria

Always bring along your usual kit (*) to meetings if you are not sure what to work on.


January 2014
  • No monthly meetings
  • Bead Retreat, new location at Melbourne Uni, 16th to 19th

February 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 2nd
  • Geelong Meeting - 2nd    Paid Workshop: Shamballa Bracelet (Sandra Schmid)
  • Carnegie Meeting - 9th    Name Tags

March 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 2nd
  • Geelong Meeting - 2nd    General Workshop: finishing bows and garlands, destash, UFOs
  • Carnegie Meeting - 9th    Triple Spiral Rope

April 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 6th      End of daylight savings!
  • Geelong Meeting - 6th      Paid Workshop: wirework (Felicity Ashman)
  • Carnegie Meeting - 13th   Bead Embroidery Cabochon
  • Geelong Busy Beads Weekend - 27th

May 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 4th
  • Geelong Meeting - 4th      Paid Workshop: Getting Started with Bead Embroidery (Jo Ivy)
  • Carnegie Meeting - 11th
  • Carnegie Busy Beads Weekend - ??

June 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 1st
  • Geelong Meeting - 1st        Paid Workshop: Beyond Kumihimo (Kay Lancashire)
  • Carnegie Meeting - 8th

July 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 6th
  • Geelong Meeting - 6th
  • Carnegie Meeting - 13th

August 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 3rd
  • Geelong Meeting - 3rd
  • Carnegie Meeting - 10th

September 2014        This is our anniversary month, each branch will host a party

  • Adelaide Meeting - 7th
  • Geelong Meeting - 7th
  • Carnegie Meeting -14th

October 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 5th
  • Geelong Meeting - 5th
  • Carnegie Meeting - 12th

November 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 2nd
  • Geelong Meeting - 2nd
  • Carnegie Meeting - 9th         # No meeting, same weekend as the Bead Expo
  • Melbourne Bead Expo - 7th to 9th

December 2014

  • Adelaide Meeting - 7th       Christmas, bring a plate to share
  • Geelong Meeting - 7th       Christmas, bring a plate to share
  • Carnegie Meeting - 14th      Christmas, bring a plate to share

January 2015

  • No monthly meetings
  • Bead Retreat, TBA

(*) usual kit comprises, beading needle, prefered beading thread, beading mat or board, scissors and any thing else that helps you work

(**) bring along your beading, work on any unfinished projects or get help from a fellow member if you are stuck on something.

To find more info about our events - just click on one of the links above...


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