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Founded in 1994, the Bead Society of Victoria was formed by a small group of bead enthusiasts,  who wanted to direct their passion for beads into founding an organisation to include beadwork into the arts and craft movement in Australia.

In the first years, bi-monthly meetings were held in Melbourne, but when the BSV grew larger in size, the frequency of meetings was increased to every month.

At these meetings, the members come together to bead and chat and, most importantly, help each other to develop their skills and exchange creative ideas.

Monthly meetings are held on the second Sunday in Melbourne at Carnegie (with the exception of November and January).

Today, the BSV has members from all over Australia from all age groups.  

The society is very active in providing workshops by local tutors at the monthly meetings. Techniques including a range of bead weaving stitches are taught, and other complementary techniques like working with polymer clay, resin, fabric or metal. 

The common passion for creating beautiful jewellery and non-jewellery pieces using a large variety of different media makes the BSV a successful and inclusive organisation and the monthly meetings highly inspiring events.

Each year in November the BSV runs the Melbourne Bead Expo which comprises a trade floor, where exhibitors display their beautiful bead wares. In 2021 this will be in July.

Workshops are offered by both local tutors and usually every second year an invited International Tutor provides added inspiration to all.

The various exhibitions of beadwork held in conjunction with the Bead Expo each year provide an amazing array of high quality bead work in different categories, e.g. the “Bead Challenge”, and “Member’s Showcase” competition.

Entry in competitions is only open to members of the Bead Society with the exception of the Bead Challenge, which is open to all. 

In addition to this, the society runs other programs designed to suit the needs of the membership - such as retreats and day programs. These provide a longer form of activity, and are well attended by the membership.

Volunteers are always welcome, and we would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in helping, especially for events.

Bead Society Committee

The Bead Society is run on a voluntary basis and our Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting each year in August.

Our current Committee members are:

President - Rosemary Cocks

Treasurer - Janice Chan

Secretary - Jeanette Downs

Membership Coordinator - Alex Ehlert

Expo Trader Coordinator - Rosemary Cocks

Workshop  Coordinator  - Merrilyn Brann

General Committee - Alicia Cleary, Penny Pritchard-Cahill, Anita Vejins

We are always looking for others to become part of the Committee and can create roles to suit your area of expertise and interest.

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