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Make ‘You look so fine’ with Sabine Lippert in this workshop. Sat 6th April 2024, 3pm to 8.30pm on zoom

Also running on Sunday 21st April

Class description:
The sphere is worked from inside out, layer by layer. It is worked continuously. Used techniques are Double Right
Angle Weave and Chenille stitch. Both techniques are explained in the instructions, pre knowledge is not required.
But as spheres are more labor intense and have their challenges, this project is not recommended to beginners.
Students will also learn the basic techniques to create own designs in this way.
It would be helpful to practice Double right angle weave ahead of class.
Students receive a PDF file of the pattern which includes written instructions, drawings,
illustrations and additional video sequences of all steps.

Intermediate to advanced level

Supply list below OR kits available in 4 colours.


Cut off for ordering of kits is the end of January. Kits to be ordered via BSV. Please only order a kit for the workshop you have booked in to, but buying more than one kit for the same workshop is ok. Kits are $120 for this workshop. This is the price to get them to Australia and the BSV is subsidising the freight cost.  Getting the kits to you will be decided later. BSV is discussing options, such as pick up, post and other option.

Materials List

6 Chatons 8mm
2 Rivolis 14mm
48 Bicone 4mm color A
24 Bicone 4mm color B
24 Bicone 3mm
36 Firepolished beads 4mm color A
12 Firepolished beads 4mm color B
84 Firepolished beads 3mm color A
36 Firepolished beads 3mm color B
84 round beads 3mm
11g Seed beads size 11 color A
5g Seed beads size 11 color B
14g Seed beads size 11 color C
14g Seed beads size 11 color D
24 (pieces) Seed beads size 8
2.5g Seed beads size 15
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