Let’s mine for malachite! Did you know malachite comes in more varieties than the traditional green? Well, they do when Meg is hand making the cabochons! This lightweight pendant will introduce you to the art of soutache bead embroidery. Unearth the polymer clay focal and frame it with bead embroidery, soutache and a smattering of beads as Meg takes you on this adventure. Meg has been playing with soutache for a long time and would love to share her knowledge and skills with others.

In this class, students will learn:
-basic bead embroidery skills
-how to work with soutache, including forming shapes, stacking colours, tension, the correct way to stitch through it, and how to finish the ends
-how to leave exposed sections when backing
-how to cleanly finish the back for smooth backing
-brick stitch edging on soutache

Between class there may be a small amount of homework to complete in order to progress the work and get the most out of the class. Pieces are unlikely to be finished in class; however each step will be demonstrated so students are able to finish at home.

EVENT DATES & TIMES: Please note that this is a 2 part class held on different days. Booking under this event will secure your place for both days.

Session 1: Friday 19th January 9am to 12pm

Session 2: Saturday 20th January 9am to 12pm

TECHNIQUES: Bead Embroidery.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner – Knowledge of bead embroidery an advantage but not essential.

COST: $70

KIT: $40 (optional) 

Available in 3 colourways (Gold, Green, or Blue).   Note: necklace cord/chain not included in kits.
Due to the handmade nature of the cabochons, no two will be the same; each will have a different grain of the malachite pattern. Exact replicas of the samples are not possible.


Cabochon (roughly 50mmx30mm)  – 1
3mm Soutache-colour A  – 40cm
3mm Soutache-colour B  – 60cm
3mm Soutache-colour C – 100cm
11o seed beads  – 4g
15o seed beads  – 1g
4mm rounds – 4
4mm firepolished – 5
6mm round – 1
Stiffened felt foundation (I don’t recommend a thin foundation such as lacy’s stiff stuff for this) – 80 x 50 cm
Template plastic – 80 x 60 cm
Backing fabric – 80×60


E6000 Glue (or purchase on the day).                                                                               Beading Thread in a colour to match soutache colour B. Note:NOT FIRELINE. You may use fireline for bezelling if you wish, but I recommend a nylon thread for working with the soutache. Eg, One G, KO, Hana, nymo.
Beading Needles in preferred size (10 or 12)
Thread Burner (optional)
Scissors- a sharp pointy pair for cutting fabric (foundation, backing, soutache); a pair for cutting thread
Beading mat/surface
Permanent marker for marking template plastic lining
Good Lighting and Magnification as needed/preferred
Facemask (optional-for any glue fumes)

Bookings will open 7.00PM Saturday 25th November


Bookings are closed for this event.