Bead Challenge 2011

The Bead Challenge is a competition where entrants are all given an identical set of beads. With these beads the challenge is for the entrants to create a beaded piece, the only rules are that all the beads must be used although more can be added if required.

This year there are 2 prizes.

1st Prize - $500 as voted by the Guest Judge.

1st Prize - $300 as voted by the general public at the Melbourne Bead Expo.

Beads for 2011 Challenge

Take a look at the entries and be inspired at the talented people that created such a range of pieces from the same base set of beads.

Congratulations to the 2011 Winners

Judges votes

1st Jan Cahill

photo 22JanCahill

2nd Joanne Ivy

photo 20JoanneIvy

3rd Meg Seller

photo 6MegSeller

Commended: Glenda McNaughton

photo 7GlendaMcNaughton

Commended: Carmel Manley

photo 12CarmelManley

Popular votes

1st Jan Cahill

photo 22JanCahill

2nd Glenda McNaughton

photo 7GlendaMcNaughton

3rd Ruth Davies

photo 29RuthDavies

4th Meg Seller

photo 6MegSeller

5th Carmel Manley

photo 12CarmelManley


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