Bead Challenge 2007

The Bead Challenge is a competition where entrants are all given an identical set of beads. With these beads the challenge is for the entrants to create a beaded piece, the only rules are that all the beads must be used although more can be added if required.

1st Prize - $500, 2nd Prize - $300, 3rd Prize - $150

Judging was by the general public at the Melbourne Bead Expo

Beads for 2007 Challenge


Take a look at the entries and be inspired at the talented people that created such a range of pieces from the same base set of beads.

Congratulations to the 2007 Winners

First - Felicity Rackham

photo FelicityRackham

Second - June Jolley

photo JuneJolley

Third - Meredith Gemeren

photo MeredithGemeren


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